You Have the Power to Choose Your Texas Electricity Company

While there are many people in United States who do not have the luxury of choice when it comes to deciding on the company to buy their electricity from, the people of Texas are lucky to have the power to choose their energy company for themselves.

There are many reasons why some cities and towns are not yet deregulated and might not provide options for water and electricity, but the power to choose from all of the various electric companies providing electricity in Texas is a part of the reason why power remains so affordable for so many Texans.

Power to Choose in Texas
Power to Choose in Texas

Good Competition Leads to Cheaper Electricity Rates

It is important for homeowners and businesses to be able to compare Texas energy rates to find the best electric company for their needs and budget.

When there is a monopoly in an industry (and in this case, on electric rates), it tends to be unfair to customers and there is a tendency without regulation for power companies to increase electricity rates more freely and make power less affordable for consumers.

Thankfully, the power to choose electric companies in Texas is alive and well and consumers benefit from market forces that most frequently lead to lower rates, price breaks, and special offers.

Competition within the power industry helps drive down prices for electricity consumers and makes cheap electricity more available to everyone.

As a result, consumers win.

To Find the Lowest Electricity Prices, Do Your Homework

In exercising your power to choose the electric company you decide you do business with, it is good practice to do your homework to find out which companies offer the best plans and the best rates for your particular situation.

Sometimes, new homeowner incentives are available to make homes more energy efficient. In other situations, discounts are available when homeowners have made the decision to replace their older less efficient windows, doors, and appliances with those that are more efficient.

Check into your options, and you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which electricity company is best for you.

Ask for a Discount from Your Electric Company

You know the old saying, “You never know until you ask.” This applies to electric rates as well.

Exercise your right to ask for a lower price. If you are having trouble paying your electric bill, you should call your electricity provider and ask them to work with you on a budget or ask them if they will give you a small percentage off your electricity bill for being a loyal customer.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call to your energy company. Let them know that you are looking around at everything the other providers are offering and there is a good chance that your provider will offer you a discounted rate to stay with the them.

Don’t be afraid to hint at the fact you think you might be paying too much with one electric company to get another electric company to give you a better deal.

It’s your money and you have the power to choose how you spend it.

For more information, visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas or