How to Reduce Your Dallas Electricity Bill

If you are trying to cut costs, it can be difficult to know where to cut. There are many obvious places you can reduce your spending such as your groceries, gasoline, and nights out on the town. But it takes a little more thought and consideration to reduce costs in the home.

Of group of Dallas homeowners were recently asked what they do to reduce expenses in the household. The consensus was that electricity is one of the major expenses that offers the greatest savings.

Take a look at the list to see what might seem doable for you. While everything on the list is possible, the recommendation is to start slowly then focus on the next item on the list so you can plan how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

How to save on Dallas electricity
Dallas Electricity Saving Tips

Energy-Saving Tips for Dallas Homeowners

1. Electricity to cool and heat your home can be significant so use smaller appliances like hot plates and slow cookers to reduce the energy consumption in your home. Rather than use your oven and burners, you can keep your energy rates down.
2. Turn your lights off when you are not using a certain room. Dallas electricity rates can fluctuate based on the time of day you are drawing on the electricity, so turn off the lights when they don’t need to be in use.
3. Dallas energy providers can offer you competitive pricing on your electricity so you if you so some shopping around, you will be surprised at how much you can save off of electricity bill.
4. Use your barbecue to cook up larger amounts of food and then just reheat the portions you need in the microwave when you are ready for a meal.
5. Use energy efficient light bulbs and thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature in your home when the outside temperature goes up or down so you don’t waste electricity. There can be an initial cost associated with this, but some energy companies in Dallas will give you a discount for moving to energy efficient products.
6. Don’t run several devices at once. Most people have a terrible habit of sitting in front of the television while playing on their laptops with all of the lights on in the house. Only turn on the lights you need and use one thing at a time and you will be surprised at the electricity savings.
7. Don’t stand in front of the refrigerator wondering what to eat: decide before you open the refrigerator. Much wasted energy and cold just goes into thin air when we do this. It’s a bad habit. Try to stop doing this.
8. Try hanging your clothes to dry rather than running the dryer for a full cycle.
9. Consider holding off on washing clothes until you’ve worn them at least twice. Hang clothes up to keep them looking fresh, and then when they have been washed, hang them on a line to dry. You can indoor or outdoor lines. And as an added bonus, clothes hung outside smell fresh and clean – even more so than when they have been dried in a dryer.
10. Use battery-powered light in your closets and in your garden. Rather than running power to places you don’t use frequently, consider using battery powered lights or solar lights for outdoors.
11. Finally, keep an eye on your power bill by signing up for alerts. Most Dallas electric companies offer electronic alerts that can tell you when you are hitting your quota or nearing your typical billing cycle electricity consumption. Being aware can really save you money on your electric bill.

By following these tips and being conscious of energy usage, most families find they can save a quarter to a third off of their energy bills.

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